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YT CCD Color Sorter Introduction
YTCCD color sorter choose a large number of world-class enterprises produced 2048 pixel linear array CCD light, electrical parts, stable and reliable work. It has high accuracy of the product color selection, especially for the rice which has small lesion in the finished rice and rice ditch skin particles has unique identification and removal capability. Flat slideway of the product, it is also suitable for larger particles in the color selection. In addition, the product is also equipped with a long life, good consistency of high-speed solenoid valve.
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YT CCD Color Sorter Features

☆ The machine uses 2048 pixel new high-end CCD sensor, with high-quality optical lens, can be observed from the front and back in the direction of the material surface color and shape differences, identify material 0.3 x 0.15 mm nuances;

☆ This machine is full digital circuit, fast response, data processing ability, ensure the whole machine stable and reliable performance;

☆ The machine with a variety of color selection mode, it can remove yellow and black at the same time. The users can set targeted according to the actual situation of the selected item. Accurate control of color sorting accuracy of the machine, increasing the efficiency of color sorters;

☆ The machine adopts color big screen touch screen, clear and beautiful, friendly interface, user-friendly operation;

☆ The front panel of the machine cabinet is provided with a light indicating lamp which displays the working state of the machine, which is convenient for the user to master the working condition of the machine in time;

☆ Precision optical components and control system installed in the locked closed chassis, both to protect the safety, but also to avoid dust, humidity and other interference factors, to ensure that the machine in different working environment color election effect is always stable;

☆ The whole machine light, machine, electricity, gas each system, design scientific and reasonable, select the world famous brand components matching, the whole machine manufacturing process exquisite, fully guarantee the machine performance reliable, durable less maintenance.

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CCD Cereals Color Sorter Application
Used to separate impurities in corn, peanuts, lentils, peas, coffee bean, red bean, black bean, mung bean, soybean, lycium chinensis, white kidney beans and produce fine product.
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YT CCD Color Sorter Technical Parameters
YT-CCD 256 YT-CCD-320
Channels 256 320
Capacity(t/h) 7-10 9-12
Primary and secondary selection channels ratio 192:64 224:96
Sorting accuracy >99.95% >99.95%
Voltage(main machine) 220V(±10%)50/60Hz(±2%) 220V(±10%)50/60Hz(±2%)
Main machine power(kw) 3.8 4.2
Rejects concentrate ≥6:1 ≥6:1
Weight(kg) 1220 1400

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