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TQSX Suction Gravity Destoner Introduction
TQSX grading destoner is widely used in the flour mill plant, rice mill plant, feed and food processing industries home and abroad, which is according to the different specific gravity and suspension speed between seeds and dinas, make use of the combine effect of wind-force and vibration, to separate the stone and impurities in the grains. The machine has a grade to gravel, good performance of mud removing, low power consumption, no dust outside, low noise, easy operation and maintenance and is mainly used for grading and removing stone of wheat, rice, peanuts, corn, soybeans and other grains.

TQSX suction gravity destoner-rice mill plant         TQSX suction gravity destoner-rice mill plant       TQSX suction gravity destoner-rice mill plant

Fig1. TQSX suction gravity destoner 

TQSX Suction Gravity Destoner Features

☆ Advanced design and excellent fabricating

☆ Nice effects of grading stone-relieving and low energy consumption

☆ Non-dust flying, low noise, easy operation and maintenance

☆ Integrated with sifting, grading, destoning and winnowing functions

 Reliable and excellent stone separation and efficient cleaning, high specific capacity

 Grades the raw materials and removes the stones at the same time;

TQSX Suction Gravity Destoner Working Principle
TQSX Specific Gravity Destoner is the suction type destoner, and its work principle is based on the difference in specific weight of materials. The working table is covered with a woven wire mesh bed, through which air flows from below. Heavy impurity such as stone is not lifted by the air cushion and stay on the mesh bed. The vibratory motion of the table causes the heavy impurity transported to the beginning of the regulating plate at far end of the machine.
High quality of rice processing equipment
Fig2. TQSX suction gravity destoner working principle
The sieve box which is normally equipped with two-layer sieves is supported by hollow rubber springs and is caused to oscillate by one or two vibrators depending on machine execution.
The grain is spread by a feeder across the entire width of the machine, and then the product stream is stratified on the pre-separation screen according to its specific gravity by the oscillating motion of the screen and by the air flowing through the product from bottom to top. The light particles collect at the top, and the heavy ones including the stones at the bottom.
The lower layer with the heavy particles flows upward and is fed to the final separation zone of the bottom de-stoning screen. Final separation of the stones from the grain is accomplished by a countercurrent of air.
The stone-free product streams on the two screens float on cushions of air, flowing slowly toward the product outlet, and then are discharged through the squeezed rubber valves.
To achieve to optimum degree of separation, the inclination of the screens, the air volume and final separation can be adjusted accordingly.
TQSX Suction Gravity Destoner Technical Parameters and Installation Size
Model TQSX85 TQSX100 TQSX125 TQSX160
Output(t/h) 4.0-6.0 5.0-7.0 6.0-8.0 7-10
Power(kW) 0.75 0.75 1.1 1.5
Weight(Kg) 350 380 450 580
Dimension(mm) 1545×980×1982 1545×1130×1982 1545×1380×1982 1792×1900×2630

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rice mill plant-Double lionTQSX85     rice mill plant-Double lionTQSX100     rice mill plant-Double lion
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