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MMJP Rice Grader Introduction
MMJP Rice Grader is a new design and manufacture rice grading finishing equipment which comprehensive long-term research and development of rice finishing experience, it is used for rice milling plant of large rice milling enterprises. The machine has strong structure, stable operation, large output, stable performance, easy maintenance and other features, particularly suitable for large-scale, intensive large-scale rice milling enterprise to get whole head rice, head rice fro short-shaped rice or long-shaped rice production line. After using the machine, the broken can be effectively removed which is difficult to remove by the later process. It is an ideal equipment for the modern rice milling enterprises to improve product quality and economic efficiency of enterprises.
       MMJP rice grader-rice mill plant      
   MMJP rice grader-rice mill plant            

MMJP Rice Grader Features

☆ The machine screen body is made of food grade stainless steel material, the whole screening process is clean without pollution. The use of stainless steel wire woven mesh, can according to different rice grain type configuration of different density screen, Complete grading of whole rice, mixture, small crushed and bran flour;

☆ Using suspender structure, stable operation, durable, stable performance;

☆ Sieve area, stroke setting scientific and reasonable, good selection effect and high processing capacity;

☆ Simple installation, easy maintenance, low cost;

☆ Equipped with air suction device, not only reduces the temperature of rice, but also removes rice dust;

☆ The screen grid adopts drawer type structure, which is convenient for users to adjust and replace sieve lattices with different pore diameters, suitable for different grain type rice grading needs;

☆ Balanced center of gravity is adjustable, smooth operation, reliable mechanical performance;

☆ Automatic cleaning sieve plates, sieve is not easy to plug.
rice mill plant-Double lion     rice mill plant-Double lion
MMJP Rice Grader Technical Parameters
Output(t/h) Power(kw) Weight
MMJP120×5 8-12(Long-grain rice)
10-15(Polished round-grained rice)
2.2 2600 2215×2185×2220
MMJP120×8 8-12(Long-grain rice)
10-15(Polished round-grained rice)
3 3100 2215×2185×2620
MMJP150×4C 5.5-7 1.5 1400 2165×1896×1839
MMJP120×4C 4.5-6 1.5 900 1953×1596×1789
MMJP90×7 5-7 2.2 1850 1700×1745×2335
MMJP100×3 2.0-3.0 1.1 620 1687×1314×1520
MMJP100×4 2.5-3.5 1.1 656 1687×1314×1655
MMJP120×4 3.5-4.5 1.1 720 1814×1494×1675
MMJP150×4 5.5-7 2.2 1400 2005×1910×2016
MMJP120×4A 4.5-6 1.5 1200 1805×1610×1925
MMJP100×4A 4-5 0.75 1100 1700×1400×1780

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rice mill plant-Double lion
MMJP120x4    rice mill plant-Double  lionMMJP120×4C 150×4C       rice mill plant-Double  lion MMJP120×5 120x8  
rice mill plant-Double lion
MMJP90x7     rice mill plant-Double lionMMJP120×4A 150×4