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MNML Vertical Emery Roll Rice Whitener Introduction
MNML vertical emery roll whitener is based on the domestic and foreign rice processing needs, combined with the mature experience of the company's long-term development of the rice mill, using modern machinery manufacturing technology and the internationalization of the element configuration, elaborate design, advanced milling machine manufacturing. This machine is mainly used for brown rice husked and brown rice whitening, is a modern large-scale rice production intensive enterprises supporting the main equipment.

 mnml vertical emery roll whitener-rice mill plant                                              
MNML Vertical Emery Roll Rice Whitener Features
☆ High wind speed, high negative pressure rice milling, less bran powder, high precision, low temperature of rice.

☆ Special sand roller structure, less broken rice milling process.

☆ Under the same output, low power consumption.

☆ Special structure, processing of rice less wear and tear, spare parts for equipment wear resistance is improved.

☆ Adoption of international standards, the use of imported components and advanced manufacturing technology, to create a new generation of beautiful, durable new rice machine.

☆ Wear parts have reached the international level, durable, low maintenance.

MNML vertical emery roll whitener          MNML vertical emery roll whitener

Technical Parameters
Model MNML3000 MNML5000 MNML8500
Output(t/h) 2.5-4 4-6 7-9
Power(kw) 22-30 37-55 55-75
Rotary speed(rpm) 680-1130 553-900 415-665
Negative pressure
150-200 150-300 150-300
Air volume(m3/min) 30-40 40-50 50-70
(Contains 75kW motor)
1200 1200 1880
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rice mill plant-Double lionMNML25    
rice mill plant-Double lionMNML30 40    rice mill plant-Double lionMNML34  
rice mill plant-Double lionMNML46   rice mill plant-Double lionMNML50          rice mill plant-Double lionMNML3000