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MNMS Emery Roll Rice Whitener Introduction
MNMS emery roll whitener is mainly used for grinding the rice. This machine is carefully designed double roll rice whitening machine based on the classic single roll rice whitening machine. Adopting the structure of parallel double rollers, it has the features of large output, high precision, small occupation area and convenient maintenance.

MNMS Emery Roll Rice Whitner                                               


MNMS Emery Roll Rice Whitener Features

☆ Emery roller and iron roller can be used interchangeably, it also providing with two kinds of screen frames and buller blade which can make radial clearance of whitening chamber changed.;

☆ At different areas, one can get better processing effect only adopting corresponding equipping depending on different paddy varities;

☆ For different rice varieties, ideal processing methods can be obtained with ideal configuration in different regions;

☆ Unique air inlet discharging structure, cancel rotating screen way to make mechanical performance more stable;

☆ Strong negative pressure reduces the broken rice, high precision, bran discharge ability;

rice mill plant-Double lion       rice mill plant-Double lion
MNMS Emery Roll Whitener Technical Parameters
Output(t/h) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(kg)
MNMS14 1.2-2.8 18.5-22 1760×750×1510 450
MNMS18 2-2.5 18.5-22 1264×915×1925 450
MNMS18×2 2-3 37-45 1480×1365×2100 1500
MNMS25×2 2.5-3.5 45-55 1585×1350×2335 1750
MNMS25A 2.5-3.5 30-37 1350×700×1850 500
MNMS25×2A 6-8 55-75 2165×1200×1950 1680
MNMS18×2B 4-5 37-45 1365×1340×2000 1500
MNMS30A 4-5 37-45 980×740×2115 980