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CM Rice Polisher Introduction
CM Rice Polisher is a new type product integrated professional technology of many years for R & D polishing machine. Fusion of modern rice polishing requirements, white bright new ideas and equipped with international allocation, the machine has the advantages of large output, strong adaptability, convenient operation, stable performance and strong durability, it is the ideal replacement product of modern large-scale rice enterprises to upgrade. It not only can be used for supporting the use of milling process and also can be used alone for rice deep processing.
CM rice polisher-rice mill plant     CM rice polisher-rice mill plant     CM rice polisher-rice mill plant
  CM rice polisher-rice mill plant         CM rice polisher-rice mill plant

CM Rice Polisher Features

☆ Large yield, high efficiency;

The machine adopts multistage segmented extended polishing assembly and made of stainless steel, the roller surface treated by smooth wear, multi specification segment high wear-resistant screen matched with raw material rice, thus the polished rice has high precision, low temperature, little broken and white translucent surface. The equipment can meet the technical requirements of different grain rice polishing;

Adopting multi adjustable aerosol spraying device, ensure the whole polishing process with uniform water, full atomization, accurate water volume control, easy adjustment and polishing effect in the best condition;

 Equipped with intelligent ammeter, import pressure meter and the throttle adjusting device, the polishing process in vacuum state quantization, good polishing effect, at the same time, the adjustment is simple and reliable;

 Carefully designed sieve tray, easy maintenance, easy disassembly, improve work efficiency;

The lengthened polishing roller increases the effective polishing area and improves the polishing efficiency;

Imported flow meter, intelligent ammeter, temperature controller and other automatic components, ensure automatic high-pressure air spray device stable, reliable and high sensitivity;

Compact structure covers a small area, stable mechanical performance, multi-directional adjustable wind design, good bran removal effect.

rice mill plant-Double lion    rice mill plant-Double lion    rice mill plant-Double lion    rice mill plant-Double lion

Rice Polisher Technical Parameters
Model CM6500S CM5000S CM3500 CM2500
Output(t/h) 4.5-6.5 3.5-5 3.5-4 2-2.5
Power(kw) 75 55 45 37
Negative pressure(mm H2O) 250-350 250-350 150-250 150-250
Air volume(m3/min) 50-60 50-60 35-45 35-40
Weight 2070 1850 835 750
Model CM14×1 CM16×1 CM17×1 CM18×1 CM21×1
Capacity(t/h) 1.0-1.5 1.5-2.0 2.0-3.0 2.5-3.5 3.5-4.5
Host Power(kw) 22-30 30-37 37 37-45 45-55
Blower power(kw) 5.5 7.5 7.5 7.5 11
Dimension(mm) 1480×740×2150 1700×850×2420 2130×720×2170 2070×1440×1990 2940×1540×2070

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rice mill plant-Double lionCM16 CM18 CM21       rice mill plant-Double lionCM2500 CM 3500        rice mill plant-Double lionCM5000s CM6500s