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Rice Processing Technology Analysis

Rice is the staple food of the people, it is a finished products made from rice by processing of sieving, hulling, milling and finishing process.
1.Rice Processing Technology
In view of the current widespread use of a variety of milling machine, polishing machine, polishing whitening effect, processing standard, standard two ordinary precision grade rice, only need to use a roller or two roller is ok; If the processing of clean rice (also known as miantaomi, pearl, crystal rice, and high precision grade rice etc.), must be need three or even four roll mill white, and then through the multi roller polishing process, in order to obtain. Although many rice processing enterprises are limited by the production site and plant construction, the rice processing equipment is usually the use of floor layout or platform layout, but its rice processing process is basically similar.

High quality of rice mill machinery

*The processing ordinary precision grade rice
cleaning, stone, hulling, paddy separation, whitening, rice grading, packaging and warehousing.
*Processing high precision grade rice
Rice, primary cleaning, cleaning, husking, stone, paddy separation, selection of brown rice (thickness grading), grinding, classification, multi light white rice grading, multilevel polishing, self selection (m length grading), color separation purification and packaging and warehousing.
2.Causes of breakage during rice processing
The actual production experience shows that there are many reasons for the breakage in the rice processing, which can be summed up in 3 aspects:
 *Rice quality
 *All kinds of treatment before rice processing, such as rice harvest time, threshing, drying, rice pests, handling and transportation process under mechanical impact and storing process of damp, mildew etc.;
 *Rice processing machinery and equipment performance and operation management level.
The two factors, such as the quality of rice and the variety of rice processing, are usually congenital factors, and the rice processing enterprises can only adapt to it and can't change it. Therefore, the rice processing machinery and equipment, technical performance and operational management level is the main reason for the increase in rice processing, and the performance in the following areas:

Hot sale of rice mill plant and rice mill line

※ Processing technology of rice
Good quality rice can be processed into high precision rice, but also can be processed into ordinary precision grade rice, and the poor quality of rice can only be processed into ordinary precision rice, if the poor quality of the rice processing high precision grade rice, will produce a large amount of broken rice. Therefore, first of all should be based on the quality of rice, the selection of suitable rice processing process.

※ Rice processing management
The large grain of rice and small rice grain first isolated, classification processing, to ensure access to the hulling machine, milling machine and polishing machine and other equipment tends to be uniform in size on grain, it can improve the hulling rate of hulling machine, To prevent the milling and polishing process of small rice white milling and polishing problems and (or) white milling and polishing uniformity, while the large grain of rice had a whitening and polishing a large number of broken rice and so on. Therefore, it should be classified according to the type of rice, variety, quality, water content and its freshness and aging, must not be mix together.

※ Rice processing machinery and equipment
Production experience shows that the main machinery and equipment cause rice broken in rice processing machinery is rice huller, paddy separator, milling machine, polishing machine and bucket type lifting machine.
When the rice into two opposite and non constant velocity rollers, rice by rollers extrusion, friction and rub tear effect, forcing the rice husk and brown rice flake and separation. Because rubber has excellent elastic deformation ability, it is not easy to damage brown rice grain, so the current domestic rice processing enterprises are almost removed by rubber roller hulling machine of rice husk. When the pressure between two rollers of rubber roll huller increase, 
When the rubber roll huller rollers between two rollers to increase pressure increases, pressure and friction on rice grain, will increase the pressure and friction rollers on rice grain, rub tear enhanced, hulling rate also increased, but the rice cracking rate and broken rate also increased. Therefore, you should according to the grain variety, quality, water content and grain shape, selecting suitable roll pressure rollers, two line speed, line speed difference, ensure high hulling rate, low breakdown rate and low broken rate of brown.

If the hull, paddy separation effect is poor, so back huller with brown rice is increase, make too much rice, chaff into rice huller rollers work area. This may result in two kinds of results: On the one hand, will reduce the rice into the rice huller rollers work opportunities, the yield of rice huller decreased; On the other hand, brown rice in the roller husker working area again under pressure increase the rate of coarse crused.