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Troubleshooting Method of TQLM Plane Rotary Screen

Material on the sieve surface to walk on one side.
*When the feed along the width direction under the sieve surface unevenness;
* Horizontal sieve surface not level;
Elimination Method:
* Adjust the feed pressure door ram position or direction of the feed chute;
* Check and adjust the horizontal level of the screen surface and the length of the front and rear hangers so as to maintain the horizontal section of the screen surface is level;
Trouble Shooting Method of TQLM Plane Rotary Screen
2. Breakdown(2):
Small miscellaneous has more grain.
* Small miscellaneous sieve surface wear holes;
*The joint of small screen surface is too large;
Elimination Method:
*Replacement of the sieve;
*Clogging gap;
3. Breakdown(3):
Light impurity removal rate is not high or light mixed with grain.
*The wind speed is too small or too large
Elimination Method:
* Adjust the damper, make the air speed is appropriate;
4. Breakdown(4):
Bearing temperature rise is too high.
*Added lubricating oil is not clean, there are sand crumbs;
* Lubricating oil used for too long, dry black, loss of lubrication capacity;
* Bearing lack of oil or no oil;
Elimination Method:
* Replace clean lubricating oil;
* Replace lubricating oil;
*Add lubricating oil.